It’s time to falling in love your skin again, with the Ultimate innovation HUKs Peptides Protein Extraction in Serum

  • Within 3-4 Weeks, Eyes Lifted Up
  • Just 8 Weeks, Gently cheeks, face skin under chin, skin around neck, lift to “V-Shaped” Say goodbye to “Face U-Shaped” to it
  • Protects skin from free radicals Featured with the ultimate innovations of Extraction of protein peptides in concentrated serum, to moisturize the skin directly, it assures that free radicals cannot harm the protein of the skin.

HUKs Peptide Protein Serum, the only one that its penetrates deep into the skin to help moisturize the skin immediately, Skin feels instantly

Discover Advance Triple Cares for your Healthy Perfection

Huks Fitness Face Hyaluronic Peptide Vitamin-C Extract in Concentrate Serum For Face-Eyes-Neck Lifting up with Anti Wrinkles & Melasma

A Unique combination of 3 Powerful activites for the Ultimate care & rich Antioxidant

The Ultimate Innovation in extracting peptides-protein from the Legumes in Serum Highly concentrated serum,The Skin can be absorbed Deep penetration immediately under the skin, Serum absorbed into the skin easily at the right spot , To work immediately for adding collagen and elastin into the Skin, increase flexibility to the skin, Skin filled, Fill the deep groove, Virtual Fillers - with The Value of HUKs Peptide, The unique identity of pure protein peptide extracts in Serum, Face compact V-Shaped, Helps reduce wrinkles from emotion and the rising age
Therapy the skin that expires. ** To moisturize the skin to feel immediately when the skin is exposed to serum.

HUKs Fitness Face Result

*The Results are based on Personal skin health.
**The Expired skin changes the Surface and creates surprise every day, such Morning fresh skin but Evening dark skin or Make up but can’t stay all day ***Vitamin C it’s one of the major antioxidants, The Benefit Value of Peptide Protein Extract in serum as Equivalent Value of Vitamin C fresh 200times, It’s can Protect the skin fully from the attack of free radicals
****When used continuously, it will help prevent future wrinkles. It is caused by UV radiation from the sun, weather, airflow, stress, resting is not enough. Increasing age or use of the product Skin care And protect the expired skin

Benefit of HUKs Fitness Face Serum 14in1 Drop

  1. Facial Toning Serum
  2. Eyes Recovery booting Remove dark circles eye Serum
  3. Eyes Lifting Anti-Wrinkles Serum
  4. Facial Pro-Collagen Support Serum
  5. Facial Elastic Skin Enchanter Support Serum
  6. Facial Filler Support Serum
  7. Facial Lifting V-Shape Serum
  8. Facial Anti-Wrinkles Serum
  9. Facial Eliminate Melasma Serum
  10. Facial Day Treatment Serum
  11. Facial Night Repair Serum
  12. Facial White Spot Corrector  Treatment Serum
  13. Neck Elastic Filler Support & Lifting Serum
  14. Stimulate the stem cells directly when Serum exposed to the skin
Skin Model Anatomy Labeled Anatomy Skin Model With Labels Integumentary Skin Model Labeled  - HUMAN ANATOMY

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